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Rabbi Impersonating Cop to Plead Guilty

rabbi Congregation Sulam Yaakov
Rabbi Borodowski of Congregation Sulam Yaakov in Larchmont

Peter Moses remembers it like it was yesterday.

“In mid-May my wife and I were driving (home to White Plains) on the Scarsdale bypass at the 40 mph speed limit and a car quickly ran up on us from behind and started tailgating and beeping his horn.  I slowed down to get the driver to back off but instead he got closer to my bumper. When we reached the light at the end of the bypass and he went around me and we thought that was it. Instead, when we made the turn onto Soundview Avenue he was waiting for us.”

It turned out that Moses was unwittingly involved in one of at least four incidents last summer where Westchester residents were victims of a Larchmont rabbi impersonating a police officer, following disputes with drivers.

“When we approached he lurched in front of us and started zig-zagging his car to prevent me from going around him…. he angled his car perpendicular to mine so I could not get by,” Moses remembers. “He got out of his car and came over to mine. He came to the window and started screaming he was going to arrest me and that he was a police officer. He then pulled out his wallet and flashed a mini-badge that listed no agency as far as I could tell.”

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Congregation Sulam Yaakov
Congregation Sulam Yaakov

Moses says he asked the man what could he be “arresting” him for and suggested they call the White Plains police.

The Rabbi got in his car and drove off.

Alfredo Borodowski of Congregation Sulam Yaakov in Larchmont is expected to enter pleas to a series of violations over the next few days in local courts in White Plains, Yonkers, Greenburgh and Mamaroneck. He will be required to pay fines and continue psychiatric counseling, according to an Assistant District Attorney involved with the case.

“I am satisfied with the result,” Moses tells theLoop.  “From the beginning I just wanted Rabbi Borodowski to admit what he did, seek help and move on with his life.”


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