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Puppy Love

Is there anything better than the smell of a puppy or puppy kisses? How about puppies that never grow older?

In the last few months, I have been volunteering for the Guiding Eyes organization, in Patterson, New York, where hundreds of dogs are bred, raised and trained every year to assist  handicapped people and police organizations worldwide.  My “job” is to socialize six and seven week old Lab and German Shepherd puppies at my home in Larchmont for about a week at a time.

This socialization consists of holding them, loving them, teaching them some basic skills such as climbing stairs, and introducing them to new sights, sounds and people.   After a week with a pair of these young pups, I return them  to their “campus” in Paterson for further training, and if I am so inclined, pick up two or three more 6 week old pups to take home.  For dog lovers, it doesn’t get any better than this – endless puppy love.

In my experience, this is without question the most affordable form of therapy available.  While you are receiving endless puppy kisses,  or laughing hysterically at them as they playfully roll around with their brother or sister, or watching them fall asleep like newborn babies in your lap – you are actually doing something helpful for others.


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Rebecca Mazin
9 years ago

I read about the program here and signed up with my 15 year old son in charge of training and notes. We have hosted 4 sets of puppies and will schedule more. It’s a great experience all around. We have great photos too!

9 years ago

this is just like you. great work!