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Home Towns Larchmont Protesters March for Black Lives, Mamaroneck to Larchmont

Protesters March for Black Lives, Mamaroneck to Larchmont


Hundreds knelt in honor of George Floyd at Flint Park friday


A pounding rain storm didn’t stop a local peaceful Black Lives Matter protest Friday evening. Several hundred people marched from Harbor Island Park in Mamaroneck to Flint Park in Larchmont.

The event was organized by local High School students. At the end of the rally, participants knelt in silence for 8 ½ minutes in honor of  George Floyd, the Minneapolis man shown on video as a police officer put a knee on his  neck for more than 8 1/2 minutes — as he pleaded for air and his mother.

Marchers on Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck


Organizers address crowd at Flint Park


photos: Joyce Havinga, Pam Sullivan, Polly Kreisman


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William Mandela
William Mandela
1 month ago

Where was Shaps?

1 month ago

I’m very proud to be part of a community where our High Schoolers organize and march for Justice – and it’s great to see VoM Mayor Tom Murphy on the front lines as always!

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