Private Goose Culling Angers Many Larchmont Neighbors


Geese in Larchmont Gardens neighborhood, Feb., 2019 – John Cuddy

The destruction of about 20 geese on the Duck Pond in Larchmont has community members (and others) in an impassioned and on-going conversation about the value of wildlife and whether private citizens should ask the community at large before taking matters into their own hands.

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Geese Euthanized in Larchmont Gardens

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4 thoughts on “Private Goose Culling Angers Many Larchmont Neighbors

  1. I would think that if anyone was to euthanize any federally regulated wildlife and or give permission to do so it would have to be the federal DNR. especially since it is a federally regulated animal. Waterfowl are highly protected by the DNR and I don’t know where the USDA fits into the scenario, kind of strange all around.

  2. How is this “private” and how was the USDA brought into it. Seems to me that if a government body is going to intitate a culling, it should not be at the direction of just one property owner, especially given that Larchmont Gardens is an HOA, is it not?

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