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Possible Stabbing at Marshalls/HomeGoods Garage in New Rochelle

File photo: DeAngelis Arch. Services


NBC News reported dozens of police officers converged on the Marshall’s/HomeGoods shopping center on Palmer Avenue in New Rochelle after a possible stabbing in the parking garage.

Authorities were staying tight-lipped about the incident at Palmer Square Shopping Center Saturday night and would not confirm that a stabbing had occurred.

A black bag was seen surrounded by police tape and guarded by officers in the parking garage of Marshalls & Homegoods on Petersville Road. More police tape cordoned off a darkened stairwell.

Shoppers said they’ve tried to avoid the stairwell because of a lack of light.

“The area has lost tenants and because of that this is really the only place, so if you park downstairs and then have to walk up, then there should be either a camera or lighting, better lighting,” one res said.

Marie Lansen said she was frightened by reports of a stabbing at the shopping center.

“We always go here with the kids, and that’s scary,” Lansen said.



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