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Police Blotter 3.23.11

Crime of the Week: Cover Up, Buddy! A highly intoxicated 20-year-old man was found walking naked on Forest Avenue in Rye. He wore nothing but a belt of yellow police tape around his waist. March 19.


BURGLARY: A Stuart Avenue resident reported that a burglar stole jewelry from the house sometime between 8:30 and 9:45 p.m. Police found no signs of forced entry, nor was anyone home at the time of the supposed incident. March 18

EXPOSURE: A 21-year-old Harrison man was arrested  for exposing his private parts and urinating in the parking lot of McDonalds on West Boston Post Road. March 19

LARCENY: A 22 year-old New Rochelle woman was charged with petit larceny. No further information is available on what was stolen or from where. March 19

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: An Old Post Road resident reported that his 2011 GM Suburban had been scratched with a key. A 7-foot-long key mark was made along the driver side of the car while parked on the street overnight. March 20


LARCENY: A Murray Avenue resident reported a leather duffle bag and other items worth $235  as stolen. March 15


ARREST: A Scarsdale resident turned himself in at Village Court for an outstanding Vehicle and Traffic warrant. The man was immediately arrested and brought to the Scarsdale police department for booking and processing. March 15

ASSISTANCE RENDERED: An Overlook Road resident reported that she was receiving harassing emails from her son’s girlfriend. The girlfriend was visiting the woman’s son in Hong Kong. The emails didn’t include any criminal content. Police advised the woman to stop communicating with her. March 16

AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT: A Wildwood Road resident reported that his daughter was being harassed over Facebook. An unknown individual made a slanderous list of four girls, one of which was the man’s daughter. The girl then received unwanted messages through Facebook and text messages to her Blackberry phone. March 16

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Richbell Road resident reported graffiti on a stop sign located at Richbell and Burgess Road. The sign had a slang term written on it in what appeared to be a sharpie or magic marker. March 19

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Wakefield Road resident reported that the hood of his car had been scratched over the course of the night while parked at the Middle school. The man’s wife attended a show at the Middle school and parked the car on Mamaroneck Road during night time hours. March 19


AGGRAVATED HARASSMENT: a Mccullough Place resident reported receiving harassing phone calls from an unknown number. The man stated that he was called three times on march 15. The man then later received threatening text messages from the same number. March 16

BURGLARY: The babysitter of John Jay Place found jewelry by the front door of the house when she entered it at noon. Police then found the master bedroom had been rummaged through. The incident is under further investigation. March 17

HARASSMENT: An Osborn Road resident reported that he was being frequently harassed at work, saying that a man comes into his office uninvited and threatens him verbally. On march 18, the man called the police stating the offender will not leave his office. Police arrived on the scene and removed the man. March 18

LARCENY: A Pondview Road resident reported that his wallet had been taken from his bag while at the Rye Recreation Center. The man was playing basketball at approximately 7 p.m. and when he returned to his bag, the wallet was gone. March 19

LARCENY: a Rye Ridge resident reported that money was removed from her wallet at a business on Purchase Street. The woman left her purse in the care of an employee. She realized the money was missing upon paying for their services. The police contacted the business but they claim they had nothing to do with the incident. March 19

LARCENY: a North Street resident reported that his vehicle had been broken into overnight after finding the passenger side window smashed. His mikita electrical grinding was taken from the car. There are no suspects at this time. March 21

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