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Police Blotter: January 26

CRIME OF THE WEEK: A Vanderbilt Road resident in Scarsdale was locked out of his house by his daughter. The man had been away for three weeks visiting his son. The locks to his residence were changed and he was left with no key. The man is now taking legal action to evict his daughter. Jan. 17


CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Mamaroneck resident reported that a fight had broken out on West Boston Post Road. The police were contacted and arrived on the scene immediately. The patrol unit arrived around 4:50 p.m. Suspects were gone upon arrival. Jan 23.

DUI: An out of state woman was charged with driving under the influence. She was pulled over on Mamaroneck Avenue. The woman was identified as a resident of Bridgeport, CT. Jan. 23

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A walk-in complaint was made that resident’s car was damaged by an unidentified individual. A puncture mark was left on the side of the car, The object that caused the damage is unknown. The vehicle was parked in a private parking lot on Halstead Avenue. Jan. 24


CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A man on Purchase Street and Blind Brook Lane reported an egg has been smashed on his car. He parked the car on the street at approximately 11:30 p.m. and returned at 1:30 a.m. Jan. 22

DUI: A man was reported driving under the influence on Playland Access Drive and Theall Road. The vehicle was found off the side of the roadway, facing the opposite direction of traffic. The vehicle was found unoccupied upon arrival. The vehicle was reported to have front end damage on the passenger side. Jan. 22

LARCENY: Dispatch reported a burglary in progress at a residence on Kirby Lane. The suspect was identified as a white male wearing a white sweatshirt. Rye Brook and Port Chester police departments also arrived on the scene. Upon arrival one police officer noticed an unoccupied white SUV parked outside of the burgled home. Jan. 23

CHILD ABUSE: A 14 year-old Boston Post Road and Parsons Street resident called into the precinct claiming child abuse. The boy refused to go home due to his claims. The youth detective was notified and will begin investigation. Jan .24

LARCENY: A George Langeloh Court resident reported that several items had been stolen from his boat. The boat was located in the man’s backyard. The items reported missing were a TV, stereo system, amp and DVD player. Jan. 24


Civil Incident: A Rock Creek Lane resident called for a domestic complaint. The woman states that her husband has been in Iran for a year and a half due to unpaid taxes. She claimed the husband has not given her any financial support, access to bank counts and has cancelled her health insurance. The woman was referred to Westchester County Family Court and advised to seek out a lawyer. Jan. 18

Larceny: A Stonehouse Road resident reported that his cell phone was stolen from his vehicle parked in the driveway. Jan. 19

Suspicious activity: A Brewster Road resident reported an unidentified man rang the door bell and proceeded to his parked vehicle in front of the residence. Upon arrival police spoke to the operator who claimed he was waiting for a friend on Chesterfield. Patrol issued the man a summons for being an unlicensed operator. The man’s brother arrived with a valid drivers license. No suspicious or criminal activity was found. Jan. 21

Animal complaint: A Fox Meadow Road resident reported a coyote in his yard. The coyote was seen going west down Fox Meadow. The whereabouts of the coyote were unknown upon the patrol’s search. Jan. 21

Assistance Rendered: A Lee Road resident claimed her house and car were egged overnight by unknown person (s). There were no reports of damage but the woman wanted to document the incident. Jan. 22

Larceny: A Cohawney Road resident made a walk-in report that her pocketbook was stolen from home containing cash, credit cards and checkbooks. Jan. 22

Suspicious activity: A Crane Road resident reported two women soliciting for money in the area. Upon arrival patrol asked for a permit, the girls produced one. There was no illegal activity found. Jan. 22

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