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Town of Mamaroneck-

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Identity Theft in the 2nd Degree. On April 14, Complaint reported identity theft when he found out his 2013 tax return had already been filed.


Village of Mamaroneck-

Larceny. On April 7, 2 bicycle carriers were taken from a garage located on a property off North Barry Avenue. The 2 bicycle carriers were valued at $2,000.

Commercial Burglary. On April 7, an unknown person entered a business location and took speedometers that were total value of about $10,000.

Fraud. On April 8, an unknown person cashed a check against complaint’s credit card account.

Larceny. On April 9, Complaint reports wallet was taken in an unknown location off of West Boston Post Road.

Larceny. On April 10, complaint reports that unknown person entered vehicle while it was parked overnight on Raleigh Road. A camera and sunglasses were stolen from the vehicle.


Larchmont Village-

Nothing posted by Larchmont Police online since March.


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