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Police Blotter: Tires in Mam’k, Cars in Scarsdale

CRIME OF THE WEEK: A user, a Lee Road, Scarsdale,  resident, reported that he had been receiving harassing telephone calls, e-mails and other communication. The man met a woman on and he claims she  is in continual unwanted contact via phone calls and e-mail. The case is still under further investigation. Feb. 12


DUI: A 31 year-old man was arrested on a DUI charge. He was pulled over on Mamaroneck Avenue. No one was injured and no damages were caused Feb. 8

IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD: A Mount Pleasant Avenue resident reported that her identity may have been compromised. No money or property was lost. No further action is required at this time. The resident just wanted to make a documented complaint to the police. Feb. 9

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ARREST: A 25 year-old man from Bridgeport, Conn., was arrested for possession of a forged check. The man was caught attempting to cash the check worth $220. He was arrested on the charges of criminal possession of forged instrument and stolen property. Feb. 9

BURGLARY: A 20 year-old man was arrested after being caught trying to break into a Harbor Island residence. The man broke two windows and caused damage to all the doors of the residence. The man was charged with criminal mischief and attempted burglary. Feb. 14

LARCENY: A Jefferson Avenue resident reported that four wheels and rims were removed from his vehicle. The car was a Honda Accord. The estimated amount of the stolen property is worth approximately $1400. Feb. 9

DISORDERLY PERSON: A 26 year-old male was charged with disorderly conduct on Mamaroneck Avenue. The individual was seen with an open alcoholic beverage. The individual was also found to be intoxicated when approached by patrol. Feb. 10

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Beach Avenue resident reported that his vehicle had been vandalized. The driver’s side window was broken and both side view mirrors were removed. Scratches could also be seen going along the side of the car. The scratches appeared to have been made by keys. No suspects have been identified and there were not witnesses to the event. Feb. 10

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A Mamaroneck Avenue resident reported that their car had been damaged by an unknown person. The passenger door lock was damaged on what appeared to be an attempted entry. Nothing was taken from the vehicle and there are no signs that show entry was made. Investigation of the situation continues. Feb. 11

LARCENY: A Mamaroneck resident made a walk-in complaint stating that her iPhone was stolen from an unlocked locker. The approximate value of the stolen phone is $400. Investigation into the matter will continue. There are identifiable suspects. Feb. 11


LARCENY: A Richbell Road resident reported that his front bumper and license plate were taken from his vehicle. The car was a gray Honda Odyssey. The incident is under further investigation. Feb. 8

LARCENY: A Myrtle Boulevard resident reported that two checks were stolen and cashed by an unknown individual. One check was cashed for $752.75 and the other for $756.25. The investigation of the incident continues. The bank was also notified of the situation. Feb. 9


IDENTITY THEFT & FRAUD: An Aspen Road resident reported that someone had stolen a check from her residence. The check was worth $7000 and was attempted to be cashed. The case is still under investigation. The check had to be taken by someone who had access to the house. Feb. 7

LARCENY: A Foxhall Place resident reported that someone damaged her car window. The suspect who gained entry took a computer bag from the back seat which contained a laptop. The suspect is still unknown and the situation is being investigated. The incident occurred in the parking lot of Scarsdale Alternative School. Feb. 7

LARCENY: A Hanover Road resident reported that someone had damaged the window to her car between 7:30 and 8:45 am. The incident occurred in the parking lot of Scarsdale Alternative School. A Playstation Portable was stolen from the vehicle. The crime appears to be linked with the stolen laptop. Feb. 7

LARCENY: A Montgomery Road resident made a walk-in complaint stating that the front plate and housing frame of his vehicle had been stolen. The vehicle was parked and unoccupied at the time. Feb. 7

ASSISTANCE RENDERED: A Walworth Avenue resident requested that patrol check on her house. The homeowner found her front door open and wanted the residence to be checked. Patrol checked the house and found everything in order. The window was found open, the wind could have opened the door. Feb. 8

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: A Brite Avenue resident reported a coyote going northbound down the street. Upon arrival patrol found negative results. Feb. 9

ASSISTANCE RENDERED: A James Street resident reported that $600 had been withdrawn from her Chase Bank checking account. The woman went to the bank to withdraw $1200 from her account, the ATM would not withdraw the selected amount. The police contacted the bank and they stated a withdrawal was made that day from the woman’s account. The bank and police will further investigate the situation. The police department requested the ATM’s surveillance footage. Feb. 11


LARCENY: A Philips Lane resident reported that his Nissan Rogue was broken into overnight. In the morning the man found his passenger window smashed. A GPS was stolen from the car. There are no witnesses or suspects at this time. An owners deposition was filled out and investigation into the matter will continue. Feb. 12

LARCENY: A Forest Avenue resident made a call-in complaint stating that his vehicle was broken into overnight. The vehicle was a 2008 Toyota Highlander. The unidentified suspect broken in through the front driver side window. A GPS was taken from the vehicle. Feb. 12

LARCENY: A Forest Avenue resident reported that his vehicle has been broken into. The vehicle was parked in the resident’s driveway at 6:30 p.m. The man returned to his vehicle in the morning to find his driver side window smashed. A Garmin GPS was taken from the vehicle. This incident and the other car thefts are still under investigation. Each incident is believed to be linked at this point. Feb. 12

LARCENY: A Forest Avenue resident reported that his Ford F150 was broken into overnight. The side passenger window was smashed to gain entry. Several items including a purse and IPOD were taken from the vehicle. Feb. 12

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: A Reymont Avenue resident reported that his wife was physically and verbally abusing him. The married couple got involved in an argument. The husband claims that his wife kicked and pushed him against the wall. Police arrived on scene and spoke with both individuals. The wife claimed she did not physically abuse her husband in any way. Upon examination the officers found no visible signs of physical abuse. The incident is going to be further investigated. Feb. 13

LARCENY: The manager of Staples on Laurel Street reported that an ex-employee was stealing from the company. The ex-employee was stealing Staples rewards points using his Staples card. The awards cards are valued in dollar amounts and can only be used to purchase Staples products. The rewards cards have no U.S. dollar value. The incident is under further investigation. Feb. 14


The Larchmont Police Department does not allow reporters access to its blotter, only what they post online. It did not update the blotter for this week.

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