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Police Blotter 04.08.10

Driving on the golf course, antics in the movie line and trucks stuck under the Mamaroneck RR bridge… 




















A 57 year-old New Rochelle man was arrested in connection with an assault on his wife. According to police reports, following an argument, the husband allegedly punched the wife’s arms and took her cell phone and threw it in the toilet, while their 12 year-old son was home.  The husband apparently had been drinking when police arrived and found him laying on the front steps of the home.  He has been charged with misdemeanor assault in the second degree and criminal mischief in the fourth degree for disabling equipment to prevent an emergency call, as well as harassment.  XXX Soulice Place. April 6


Two women and their three children, all Bronx residents, were attacked at New Roc City while in line for the movie theater.  Three people – a 29 year-old Elizabeth, NJ woman, a 21 year-old Bronx man and an 18 year-old NYC man – were arrested and charged with harassment and endangering the welfare of a child.  According to police, one of the children was acting up while waiting in the line and suspects were annoyed and attacked the group.  One of the women was missing a patch of hair and the children received ice packs for their faces.  The children are 11, 7 and 5.  33 Le Count Place.  April 3


A church pastor reports giving food to a woman but after refusing to give her money, she broke a window.  No charges were pressed.  50 Pintard Avenue.  April 5


Resident reports jewelry missing from his home.  145 Franklin Avenue.  April 4


A relative neighbor observed a man with a black bag inthe another’s backyard and confronted the suspect.  The suspect dropped the bag containing the resident’s DVDplayer and toy motorcycle and fled. 77 2d Street.  April 5




Resident at 53 Lockwood Road reported a gold four-door sedan parked on Church Lane, at the south side of the home.  Police found the owner was a physical therapist working with a patient.   March 29


Police received report of a silver SUV parked in front of 14 Canterbury Road.  Police found the car belonged to a housekeeper who worked in the area, who also stops in the car to read the Bible every day before going in to work.  Police advised her she was legally parked and there was no violation.  March 29


Homeowner reported unspecified costume jewelry missing from bedroom at 1 Lincoln Road sometime between November 1 and December 31, 2009.  March 29


Caller reported a man ringing home doorbell and looking through window glass, while her 17 year-old daughter was home alone.  Police did not locate suspect fitting the description of a male with gray hair and glasses.  March 29


Resident reported that someone opened a credit card in her name without her knowledge or permission. 48 Jefferson Road.  March 29


Caller reported a moving van at 115 Brewster Road and wanted to make sure it wasn’t a burglary.  Police found the van belonged to a contractor working in the area. March 30


Report of NYS license plate missing sometime between March 15 and March 30.  25 Walworth Avenue.


Homeowner reports damage to address sign located on lawn.  He also states that earlier in the evening several bags of paper recyclables and a pail of plastic recyclables were left on his property. Police advised they would conduct ridebys during the school vacation week.  24 Cooper Road.  March 30


Police responded to report of a car with out of state plates parked for several days across from homeowner’s driveway.  The car was l
egally parked.  Police left a note for the owner to contact police if assistance was needed.  50 Graham Road. March 31


Home resident reported group of youth hanging outside her home.  When police arrived, the group was gone.  The resident told police that the youth mistakenly thought there was a party at the home.  47 Black Birch Lane.  March 31


Resident arrived home to find back door open and wanted home interior checked.  Everything found in order.  144 Nelson Road.  March 31


Report received of youth running through backyard.  Police found that the youths were in the process of being picked up by an adult next door.  3 Brittany Close. March 31


Caller from 2 River Road states that resident dogs at home behind her has been barking since 7am.   Dogs were brought inside by  their owner.  79 Walworth Avenue.  April 1


Report received of a male walking along Saxon Woods Road looking into yards, acting suspiciously. Police arrived but did not locate anyone.   51 Black Birch Lane.  April 1


Car driver reports that while driving on Saxon Woods Road his car was struck by a bb gun pellet. He waited for police in front of 43 Black Birch Lane.  No one was located but an officer remained in the area for a time.  Also, the police believe the culprits are from White Plains, where there have been similar incidents.  April 2


Business owner reports two youths harassing her at Reading, Writing & Wrapping, including calling her a witch.   The youths left and police were not able to locate them.  30 East Parkway.  April 2


Five-year old boy called 911 from home when he couldn’t find his parents.  When police arrived, both parents were home. Mother said son was upstairs when she stepped outside.  He called police.  XXX Ridgecrest East.  April 2


Student’s 2007 Lexus parked overnight in the Scarsdale High School teacher’s parking lot (due to misplaced keys) had wipers and side view mirrors removed.  A used wiper later was found at the Mamaroneck home of the student’s girlfriend.  20 Swarthmore Road.  April 2


Caller reported that a neighbor’s dog was on his property.  Patrol spoke with the dog owner, who said the dog got loose. 64 Popham Road.  April 3


Caller reported a male peeing in front of 16 Kent Road.  The suspect was gone when police arrived.  April 3


A 2008 Honda was broken into at Scarsdale High School while the owner was at the track.  The right rear door window was shattered and the owner’s pocketbook, with a Louis Vuitton wallet, was missing.  April 3


Caller reported items taken from his residence on April 2d, while his daughter’s friends were visiting.  Missing items were a man’s Hamilton watch (value $2000) and a two foot hand carved eagle clock (value $10,000).  The matter is under investigation.  XXX Drake Road. April 3


Caller reported that his son’s wallet was stolen or lost and his debit card was used without authorization.  12 Kingston Road.  April 3




A Connecticut man reported on 3/22 that sometime between10/1/09 and 3/21/10 someone stole his bicycle, valued in excess of $2500, while it was housed in the garage of a friend’s residence on Oak Avenue.


A scofflaw vehicle with $265 in outstanding fines was impounded and towed from West Ave on 3/24.


A Palmer Ave business owner reported that during the early morning hours someone stole boxes containing consumable goods from the front of his business.  March 26


— Maura Fecher Carlin 


Town of Mamaroneck

Criminal Mischief
April 4- Someone heard a noise come from the driveway in front of Central School and discovered a broken side window on a car.

Unlawful Possession of Marijuana-
April 4- A minor and a 19 year old were reported smoking pot in the Conservation Area near Hommocks School

Grand Larceny
April 4- the following items were taken from a car at 2 Fairway Drive: Car Stereo, iPod, digital camera, cellphone, GPS and an EZ Pass.

Criminal Mischief
April 3- light post knocked down at 72 Vine Road.

April 1- 1007 Palmer Avenue. Pillowcase filled with jewelry taken between 8 am and 8 pm.

1 Burton Road- Eggs thrown at car. Second time the same car was similarly pelted.

Grand Larceny-
CVS Store 2444 Boston Post Road. Unknown number of unactivated, and therefore worthless, gift cards were stolen.

Village of Mamaroneck



On 3/29 a man was arrested for shoplifting several items at the A&P at 805 Mamaroneck Avenue. He was arrested and released on $500 cash bail.



On 3/29 a truck became stuck under the MTA RR overpass on Mamaroneck Avenue. MTA responded. No further info.


Suspicious Activity

On 3/31 Police were called about a "suspicious man in a white van" at 310 Warren Ave. It was a real estate agent showing the property.



On April 6.  another truck became stuck under the MTA RR overpass on Mamaroneck Avenue. MTA responded. No further info.




April 6- A 20-year-old man (from the Town of Mamaroneck) was arrested in the early morning  for driving on the Hampshire Country Club’s golf course.  Giani Brussich was charged with criminal mischief in the second degree, criminal trespassing, and criminal possession of a weapon, a knife.


April 7-  a man flagged down a police officer saying he had been assaulted by two men. Another officer stopped two suspects fitting the victim’s description.  Both men were charged with assault in the third degree, a misdemeanor. They are 22 and 19 years old and residents of the Village.





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