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What a Mess

Is this October snowfall a trick or a treat?

The Loop-area is a great, big mess this morning following yesterday’s historic snowfall.

Let’s face it: this one is a drag!

With downed trees and power lines around every corner, roads are messy, power is spotty and, well, it’s just not supposed to be this way before Halloween.

Parking lot, Town of Mamaroneck photo: Josh Dionne

In fact, it rarely — really rarely — is. Saturday’s heavy, wet mush was only the fourth measurable snow in New York since 1869. And get this one: Saturday’s storm was the earliest one to drop at least an inch of snow in New York City since the Civil War.

That’s a really long time.

Although the sun in shining this morning, emergency officials are warning people to tread carefully. Roads are icy and slick so traveling can be dangerous. And remember: The live wires drooping out there can be deadly. Do not touch them and keep the kids away.

Things should improve throughout today, though. The National Weather Service is calling for a sunny day with a high near 49. After dropping to about 34 tonight, Halloween temps could climb to a downright balmy 52.

Photo Gallery by Jaqueline Silberbush (and a couple of friends): 




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