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Pit Bulls Injure Their New Rochelle Owners

The two owners of five Pit Bulls needed to be rescued from their own dogs by police on Monday in New Rochelle.

Police arrived at the First Avenue home to find a 25 year old man standing outside with puncture wounds to his right hand and both legs while his girlfriend was trapped inside unable to escape.

The man told police he and his girlfriend own five Pit Bulls, one of which, police say, started a fight with the others. The dog owner said he was trying to separate the pack when he was bitten several times, but managed to move his girlfriend into a bedroom for safety.

According to Captain Cosmo Costa, officers climbed up a fire escape, entered a side window and got a noose on one of the Pit Bulls.

“This enabled the girlfriend to escape via one of the front windows, where Officers had a ladder set up for her rescue.  She was helped down without further incident,” said Costa. 

The Humane Society responded to the scene and secured the five dogs, and took them to be placed in confinement for 10 days.


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