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Pine Brook Park- ing Lot

Pine Brook park

theLoop is receiving a bit of mail about Pine Brook Park, in Larchmont (Palmer Avenue and Pine Brook)

writes one resident,

 Pine Brook Park is being used as a parking lot for equipment related to the Palmer Avenue beautification project. It is disappointing that residents of the neighborhood were asked to donate money to replace rotting playground equipment but were not informed that the trade off would be this. Why was this kept a secret from the neighborhood? I for one would not have donated had I known this would happen. It doesn’t seem safe for kids to be playing near it and we miss our field and basketball court.

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and another,

Do you know why Pine Brook Park is still such a mess, even with the arrival of spring and baseball season? It has been a really long time that our Village has had to endure the mess there and I am wondering if you can help figure out why all of that equipment is there, when we’ll get our park back, and if the fields will be fixed by the Village?

We’ll try to find out. Anyone out there know?

photo: Jennifer Barnes


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Play Ball!
Play Ball!
9 years ago

And now… this wonderful streetscape renovation of Palmer Ave starts by chopping down nearly all of the trees along the street!
A few of them were scraggly and diseased, so better off being cut down. But most were healthy trees that have been growing for decades, and providing shade and welcome greenery. The Mayor says that there’s no alternative but to cut them down in order to fix the sidewalks. REALLY? There are plenty of sidewalk repairs and streetscape upgrades that keep trees in place. What is the point of killing all these trees?
Whatever new trees may be planted to replace them will take DECADES to grow in.

Seems to me that the whole project is being managed abysmally! First the contractor parks his heavy construction equipment in a park for a year BEFORE even starting the construction. (Really, there’s no where else he could park them? What about all the empty lots near the highway)
Now, killing a whole street full of trees.
What’s next? Can’t wait to find out!!

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