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Pet Project: Anne-May & Wolfe

Have a pet you love or just know a great one? Submit a photo and we’ll feature it in “Pet Project”

Really, now. BFFs at the New Rochelle Humane Society .

These picture-perfect pooches include Anne May, on the right, a 5-year-old sweetheart of a girl who showed up terrified at the shelter after being bred several times, and then heartlessly abandoned. While at the shelter, Anne-May has come into her own, becoming the gentle and affectionate dog she is today.

She loves hanging out with tiny Wolfe, a teacup Chihuahua who was rescued from a home where dozens of Chihuahuas were hoarded. Wolfe, just seven months old, has an eye condition that requires daily drops.

Both fun-loving animals are ready, willing and anxiously awaiting a home or homes of their own at the New Rochelle Humane Society, 70 Portman Road. Call 632-2925.



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January 25, 2012 11:57 AM

Love these photos but don’t love New Rochelle shelter. When our four year old cat Miumiu disappeared this fall we were heartbroken; someone told us they saw the body of a cat that looked like her on the curb of the road next to us, but too late to confirm. Our 15 year old companion cat was destitute– standing at the door, waiting for her to come home. I went to NRS to look at cats–I always get rescued cats– and filled out an application which asked about my other pets. I told the truth: we thought she’d been hit by a car. My daughter came home from school at thanksgiving and we decided to find a new pet. The woman at the NRS found my application and asked if I planned to do an “indoor outdoor cat”. I said, yes, most likely. Then she dramatically ripped up my application in front of my stu Ned eyes saying: your other cat was hit by a car. I’m not giving you a cat! Not only was the drama shocking and unnecessary– she had the application for a month ahead of time– but to blame the victim is outrageous. We didn’t hit the cat with a car. We don’t even know what happened. we were surmising. Plus no where was anything said or posted that NRS had a rule against outdoor cats: I don’t think they do. So we went to Elmsford and adopted the most adorable sister and brother tabbies who we just adore. NRS needs to be clearer in their policies and try not to insult and stun their potential adoptive parents.

January 25, 2012 10:47 AM

I hope someone adopts them together! I have 2 rescues who are inseparable and have such a loving bond.

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