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Paying Too Much Property Tax?


The Westchester County 2014 budget keeps the tax levy flat, but most people think the tax levy did not result in any tax hikes.

That’s not true.

Some communities will experience tax hikes, others tax cuts. The percentage increase or decrease will be different for every locality.

Some Westchester communities will experience large tax hikes on their county portion of the tax bill. Rye City county taxes go up 9.76 percent; Mamaroneck is getting a 7.06 percent tax hike; and Scarsdale’s tax hike will exceed 4.2 percent.

Greenburgh will experience a 3.66 percent tax reduction.  Bedford residents’ county portion of the tax bill go down by 12.29 percent; Cortlandt’s down 6.12 percent; Pound Ridge by 5.48 percent; and Mount Vernon’s tax bill will decrease by 5.06 percent.

Care to challenge your reassessment? Professionals like Caryn Luntz of Westchester Real Property Tax Reductions, can help.

“I had great success with the clients I represented in last year (2013) right after the reassessment, who were unhappy with the reassessment and felt they had been reassessed too high. The reassessment does not prevent one from challenging their taxes.”

Grievance Day in most communities is June 2, with a June 16 deadline to file.

If you feel your property was assessed too high (remember, the assessment is not the price at which you could sell the property,) you can contact Caryn at or any professional reassessment consultant.

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