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Parker Asks Westchester to Address Hate Incidents

stop-racismWestchester County Legislator Catherine Parker has asked the County’s Human Rights Commissioner to address what she says is an increase in “hate incidents” in the County since the election.

Parker says the County has failed to respond to her request for an email address or short form email report on the County for those that need to report an incident.

In a letter to constituents, she writes:

It has been several weeks since election day. So far, I have heard reports of a black woman being called the N word in Manor Park by three teens, a nanny told to go back to “her own country” by another woman at one of our county facilities in Rye, a Latino girl at my alma mater, Fox Lane High School, taunted by fellow students and told she should go home because her parents are being deported which led to her having an anxiety attack, and a display of a swastika with the slogan “white power” in White Plains.

At that time I sadly began to record incidents of intolerance in Westchester, but that’s not all.  On November 16th, I wrote to the Deputy County Executive and the County’s Human Rights Commissioner calling for the Human Rights Commissioner to begin to lend support to our community and address these issues.”

Parker’s unanswered request also asked the County to create a database of these incidents, and to develop a work plan to implement with schools, municipal officials, police, and clergy to assist in both reporting and creating community actions to promote inclusion and tolerance.



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Tom Murphy
Tom Murphy
December 1, 2016 6:08 AM

I applaud Catherine Parker’s attempts to get the County to recognize and document racism and hate speech. If elected leaders don’t speak out and say this kind of behavior is wrong then who will?

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