Parent Recounts Alleged Racism to Mamaroneck School Board


Video from LMCTV: Following a presentation on dealing with fluctuating enrollment, a parent questioned the school district’s lack of diversity and transparency, saying he felt “ignored,” after approaching the administration.

He addressed alleged recent racism atHommocks Middle School, where he says in an after school club, his daughter was called the n-word. He says it took 30 days to get a meeting with the Principal.

2 thoughts on “Parent Recounts Alleged Racism to Mamaroneck School Board

  1. They should have met with the parents when their daughter was the victim of racism . Not answering emails is not acceptable. Obviously they did not want to deal with it and they thought they could be dismissive of the parent and it would go away . They should not have tried to cut him off when he spoke . Just shows they do not want to deal with it . Will use excuse he went over time . have they allowed any white parents to speak over time .?
    I sent my son to private school after Hommocks .

  2. This is nothing new.
    Hate, racism,degradation has been
    A school system problem for years.
    Since my kids were students .
    Years ago. I’ve been trying to make it right since the 60’s.
    Not very successful.
    Like the song goes” you’ve got to be carefully taught to hate and fear. It has to be whispered in your dear little ear”
    Parents need education.

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