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Another One Flown the Coop


Once in a while we post a story that takes on a life of its own well after appearing on theLoop.  The story of Pudding, the yellow parakeet who sadly flew his Larchmont coop two weeks ago, is one of those tales.

Unfortunately, we’re not writing to tell you that Pudding and his owners, Sue and Michael Krevlin, have been reunited. Pudding is still at large.

But the Krevlins now are tending to another parakeet – one who likely also flew away from home – that the Krevlins coaxed into Pudding’s cage after it was found by a Good Samaritan in the Town of Mamaroneck parking lot.  They hope this bird’s owners come forward to claim their pet.

“I feel badly for the family,” Sue says. “He looks pretty healthy, but tired. Definitely well fed.”

Not Pudding
Not Pudding

“This is all very strange.”

The latest chapter in the Krevlins’ parakeet saga started on Monday, when they received call from a town employee who tried to catch the bird after spotting it in the parking lot but had no luck.

What happened next, in Sue’s own words, is this:

“We got there and my husband immediately found him, just sitting by the curb on the pavement. He looked tired. I came over with food and he, almost right away, ate the food from my hand.

“After a few minutes, I picked up a stick and told him to ‘step up.’ He did on the second try. I lifted the stick and put it toward Pudding’s cage. Two doors were open, he went right in. I put him toward one of the perches and he got on.”

Although the Krevlins have been caring for the bird, they are hopeful that its rightful owner will claim it. Sue even connected with a website on which people post lost and found birds.

But the whole experience has made Sue – and us – wonder how many birds like Pudding are out there and whether there is hope for their recovery?

“There seem to be a lot of lost birds,” Sue says. “ I think they retain much more of their wild instincts than I thought.”








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Catherine Wachs
August 10, 2011 3:15 PM

Aaaawwwww!!! A bittersweet story.

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