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Open Mike: Political Signs

rosenblum sign

To the Editor:

It is hard to miss the oversize campaign banners that have been put up around the Village by Mayor Rosenblum and Trustee Santoro.  It is my understanding that these oversize banners violate Village law.  This is surprising coming from these elected officials who must be familiar with the rules that govern the size of campaign signs.  I also understand that several complaints have been registered with the Building Department about the size of the banners but the Mayor, Trustee Santoro and their campaign have done nothing to comply with the law.

There is already a concern that Village laws are not always enforced fairly, consistently and uniformly. The use of illegal campaign banners by elected officials is a symptom of larger problems regarding respect for and even-handed application of law.

Wendy Sandler


The Mayor responds,

All signs meet the local code.



We asked Mamaroneck Village Manager Richard Slingerland if there had been any complaints, but did not receive an answer. Below is the citation from the Village Code:

 Political posters, banners and similar signs, not exceeding 16 square feet, provided that:

(1) Placement shall not exceed 60 days before nor 30 days following the event.

(2) Sponsors and organizers shall be responsible for removal of political signage.

(3) Such signage shall be set back at least five feet from all street curb lines and side property lines and shall not be located within any public right-of-way.

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