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Open Mike: Larchmont Board and Pine Brook Park

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To the Editor:

When I attended the Larchmont Village Board’s meeting tonight to hear a discussion about the ruination of Pine Brook Park, it was quite telling that the issue was described on the agenda as “the renovation” of Pine Brook Park. After some opening announcements about the “quality of life” concerns in Larchmont that prevent leaf-blowing after June 1st, it seemed quite ironic that “quality of life” concerns seem to have nothing to do with the park where our children play and through which our commuters make their way to the train. All that the Board could offer were more assurances that Pine Brook Park will be so much better……someday. It was sad to witness the total disconnect that the Board has created with regard to the needs of its residents.

There was an interesting question raised by one of the women who helped to raise the funds to renovate the park. She asked if it was legal to put dangerous equipment in a public park. I think the lawyers in the neighborhood should look into that one.

I was also quite surprised that when the co-president of the Pine Brook Association finally spoke, after many residents had already expressed their real concerns, he offered some advice to the Board about the planting of grass on the field…someday. Then, he told a full house of Pine Brook folks that the plan to keep construction equipment in the park was made public by the board. He gave no explanation and then he left. I felt that he undermined the efforts and intentions of the good people who attended the meeting. It was sad to know that the Association, which exists to “look out” for the residents here, had nothing substantive to say.

All in all, a frustrating evening. We did learn something tonight, however. If you e-mail the Mayor, as
many people have, you should not expect a response. She is only a volunteer, after all.

What we need to do is to continue to expect that the equipment be removed now. Look for petitions to sign that are circulating in the neighborhood, and write to the Mayor anyway.

Christine Manzi


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June 11, 2013 12:03 PM

This is so frustrating and disappointing. Our appointed representatives have really dropped the ball. Was it poor judgement or corruption? One cannot help but wonder what brought our Larchmont Board of Trustees to the conclusion that it would be acceptible to turn a children’s playground into a parking lot for heavy construction equipment complete with protable toilet! I have to imagine that none of them live in the Pine Brook neighborhood. How could they live with the mess that they have created? Sadly my neighbors and I are living with the mess–and it is a big mess. And after all of this we should believe that when the streetscape project is complete the park will be better than ever. Forgive me for being sceptical.

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