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Nourish Your Neighbor 2011

editor: Yes. It’s snowing. Again. Close your eyes and think of the gardens there will be this summer.

You may remember theLoop’s project last summer, Nourish Your Neighbor. We all managed to grow bushels of fresh vegetables for the local food pantry by just contributing a few things each from our own gardens.  150 lbs. of produce that fed 75 needy local families in Larchmont, Mamaroneck and New Rochelle.  This was the brainchild of Ed Merians, with support from FarmShare, Sheldrake Center and theLoop.

Ed’s ready to go again. He writes:

I’ve been keeping a close eye on my garden or at least where I think it may be under all this snow.

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Finally the raised beds are showing above the snow and the garden is coming to life. The first sign of spring has appeared with the blooms on our witch hazel…see photo. Spring is coming!

Witch Hazel blooms in Larchmont

So it must be time to think about what to grow to nourish our neighbors. I’d like to start a couple of flats of the same vegetables and have those of us interested pick up one or two seedlings to grow in our own gardens. The plants should all mature relatively close together since I’ll have started them all at the same time. As things hopefully progress we can report how many tomatoes and cucumbers are on the vine and report that information to the food pantry in advance so they can plan accordingly.

Perhaps we could save them some money normally spent on produce. If you have any suggestions or if you’d like to start a flat of seedlings, keep us all in the Loop. If you like to plant a few seedlings for our food pantry in your garden this summer leave a note here on the Loop. BTW, no charge for the seedlings. We’ll figure out how to distribute them if I can get them to grow. I’m new at this too.

—Ed Merians

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