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New Rochelle Woman Pleads Not Guilty in Love Triangle Attack

Blood stains the pavement at 137 Hillandale Drive where the alleged attack took place

Dr. Alika Crew of New Rochelle was indicted on Wednesday for the July 28 attempted murder of another woman in a bizarre love triangle case in which she pretended to be a hero.

Crew, a successful dentist working in Connecticut, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder in the second degree, several assault charges, and unlawful imprisonment, all felonies. She is also charged with criminal possession of a weapon, a misdemeanor.

Dr. Alika Crew

She is accused of attacking her former fiancé’s new girlfriend. Prosecutors charge that Crew hid in the victim’s vehicle backseat and then lunged at the woman who fled from the car near 137 Hillandale Drive.

According to the indictment, Crew then slashed the woman’s neck with a razor blade and injured the victim’s hand, which was cut when the victim tried to push Crew away.  Crew ran from the scene but then apparently returned pretending to a concerned neighbor rendering medical aid.

She is due back in court on November 2 and remains free on bond.

To watch the surveillance of the the scene immediately after attack click here.

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