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New Rochelle Responds to ‘Dangerous Driving’ Posts

new rochelle dangerous driving

In response to our Dangerous Driving series in which readers Crowd Sourced areas you felt needed the attention of City officials and Traffic Engineers, New Rochelle City Manager Chuck Strome says the city takes residents’ concerns about
traffic safety very seriously and will have their traffic engineer take a look.

Three areas in New Ro received complaints:

  • Speeders! “We have been living in the Beechmont area in New Rochelle for a little over a year and have been very disappointed.  There are no sidewalks and cars whiz by on a constant basis.  We were excited for the kids to take the bus to school this year, but after trying to walk by crossing Beechmont avenue for 2 weeks, almost being hit by a car, being yelled at by my neighbor for walking “in the middle of the street”, and then having the New Rochelle Transportation Department responding to my concerns by telling me that they were not responsible for my children’s safety, I decided that we better stick to driving.  I still have no idea how the are was possibly rated the best neighborhood for families by Westchester Magazine last year when kids can’t even walk or bike alone and there are no sidewalks.”
  • People need to STOP at the STOP signs at Ellenton Avenue (Sunset View Park) and Hillcrest Avenue in New Rochelle, NY, 10804!
  • The employee parking lot is on Lockwood Ave at the “T” intersection of Grover Johnson.  To get to and from work, we have to cross Lockwood Ave.  There is neither a light or stop sign at the “T” and always traffic on Lockwood.  It is so dangerous trying to cross  and there isn’t a crosswalk anywhere nearby to even walk to for safety.

Full map so far:

View Crowdsourcing Dangerous Roads in a larger map


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March 14, 2013 4:19 PM

The intersection of palmer, potter & petersville by stop & shop/marshalls is very dangerous.

There are 4 lights there. Cars coming south on potter over 95 & turning left onto palmer have to often sit in the middle of potter waiting for the light. Also the lights on Palmer (same intersection heading into Larchmont) should be synched, there’s no reason the 1st should be green & the 2nd red or vise versa.

March 14, 2013 11:48 AM

FYI I asked for the Traffic Committee to review the light at the intersection of BPR and Hommocks Rd between 7:45-8:15am and 2:45-3:15 pm, requesting that a left turn arrow be added to the light coming OUT of the Hommocks. There is already a second lane that is used for left turns but there is no time to make the left because the oncoming traffic from Weaver Street is continuous and relentless at that time. Cars therefore either run the red or jump the green in order to make the left turn, even when the “walk” signal is illuminated and there are children proceeding in the crosswalks, and only one or two cars ever gets through per light cycle so the backup is lengthy. It seemed a very simple matter to add a signal, or even just an extended green in that direction for a few seconds. I got a bunch of friends to duplicate my e-mail to the Traffic Committee, they put it on the agenda, and considered it and denied. I was told that it would require an engineering study that wasn’t in the budget for the Town, so no action would be taken. Frankly, it seems crazy to me that they can’t just add a few seconds delay to the light – long enough to just let a few cars turn left before the “walk” signal is illuminated, or before cross traffic on the BPR is allowed to proceed. Thanks!

Dude one
Dude one
March 14, 2013 2:53 PM
Reply to  lauren

that is a state DOT light and they (Town) cannot do anything there, so frankly I dont understand your comments b.c they can only make a recomebdation to the state to change it.

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