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New Rochelle Police Blotter

A brutal few days in the Queen City on the Sound


LARCENY: On the first level of a garage on Division Street, a male in his 20’s asked a 46 year old female for a dollar.  When she took out her wallet he ran off with it.  The wallet contained $1,000 and 2 credit cards.  July 8th

LARCENY FROM A MOTOR VEHICLE: A 21 year old woman parked her 2007 Jeep on Hudson Park Road and returned to discover the passenger rear door was broken and her $700 Coach Handbag, $215, and her driver’s license was gone.  July 8th

LARCENY: A 27 year old Bronx female was arrested after she was caught stealing a $280 Samsung TV, 2 Lorex Security Systems worth $1,000, a $14 bathmat, $13 floor mat, 3 Docker pants worth $68, and 3 Calvin Klein shorts worth $60 from  Costco on Industrial Lane.  July 9th

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  Between Friday night July 8th and Saturday morning July 9th 18 tires were slashed on 8 different cars parked on Union Avenue, 1st Street, and Washington Avenue.   July 9th

ASSAULT:  A 23 year old male was arrested and charged with a felony Assault 2nd after stabbing a 17 year old in the chest and a 15 year old in the stomach.  Both refused medical attention.  July 9th

GRAND LARCENY: A 28 year old man fit the description of a male who stole a cell phone from a on July 9th.  The man was able to confirm the cell phone found was his but the officer found credit cards, $89,000 worth of foreign coins, and a wrist watch taken from a safe in a Circuit Road residence where he was staying.  He was arrested and charged with 3 felonies-Grand Larceny 4th, Criminal Mischief 3rd, and CPSP 4th (Possession of Stolen Credit Cards) as well as a misdemeanor charge of criminal possession of a controlled substance.  July 10th

ASSAULT: A 22 year old female punched another 22 year old female in the face and was arrested for Assault 3rd (misdemeanor).  The victim refused medical treatment.

GANG ASSAULT:  Six teenagers ages ranging from 14 to 16 attacked a 42 year old male getting off a train and dislocated his shoulder.  The two 16 year olds were arrested and charged with a felony Gang Assault 2nd-causing serious physical injury.  July 11th


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