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New Rochelle Police Blotter

Cars were broken into and driven drunk.

LARCENY: Someone stole two air conditioners worth a total of $800 from a Willow Drive residence sometime May 16-18.  Reported May 18.

LARCENY: Someone stole four Volvo rims with tires, worth a total of $800, from a Willow Drive resident. May 18.

BURGLARY: A burglar stole two boxes of incense worth $2,000 from The Glass Room on Church Street around 2:20 a.m. May 19.

LARCENY: Someone stole an airbag worth $500 out of a Honda Pilot while it was parked during school hours in the Ursuline High School lot. May 24.

LARCENY: A GPS worth $200 was taken from an unlocked parked Toyota.  May 24.

DWI: A Laurel Place resident, who had been driving erratically, was arrested after he refused a sobriety test. May 24.

DWI: A Mount Vernon man who had more than twice the legal blood alcohol level was arrested after wrapping his car around a Lincoln Avenue tree and leaving the scene. May 24.


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