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New Rochelle: It’s in the Water

We all know there’s plenty to love about New Rochelle. But here’s one that will likely throw even the city’s most ardent fans for a loop: New Rochelle has the tastiest tap water around.

Yes, the water running through those New Rochelle faucets came out tops in the County Health Department’s water taste test held today, May 5, outside the County office building in White Plains.

The blind taste test, held in honor of National Drinking Water Week, drew a whopping 201 tasters, who sampled water from seven Westchester suppliers and voted New Rochelle United Water the best of the bunch.

New Rochelle water garnered 67 votes. The runner-up, Greenburgh Consolidated Water District #1, got 29 votes. The White Plains water came in third, with 28 votes.

This is New Rochelle’s second top win in the annual water taste test. City water first hit the big time in 2005.


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