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New Rochelle High Students Walk Out Over Alleged Violence

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from CBS2″

Students at New Rochelle High, the largest high school in Westchester County, staged a walkout Monday afternoon to show support for a classmate and raise concerns about sexual violence.

CBS2 spoke with students and the superintendent at New Rochelle High School.

Hundreds of students left the building at noon to gather on a practice field outside the high school. They were taking a stand in support of a classmate who may have been sexually assaulted off campus.

Twelfth grader Jordan held a “No Means No” sign and said the school must so more to support those who come forward to report sexual violence.

“They were mocked. They heard people mocking them behind their back. The school doesn’t care,” Jordan said.

“That’s what today was about. Giving students space and voice to be able to express their opinions and that’s really important,” Superintendent Jonathan Raymond said.

Raymond said an incident on school property last week fostered online rumors and raised concerns. Smartphone video shows a male student kicking and hitting another in retaliation for an alleged sex assault on a female student.

Police told CBS2 they never received a complaint. The superintended said it allegedly happened off campus more than a year ago.

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