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New Rochelle Dealership Scammed of $233,440 Car

mercedes theft
Devon Guishard , Michael Maurice Grayson, Tameek White and Patricia Fields Grayson


Here’s one way to drive off the lot with a $233,440 Mercedes.

The Westchester County District Attorney says four people pled guilty to “buying” a high end car from the Mercedes-Benz of New Rochelle car dealership.

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They charge that on  September 26, 2015, defendants Devon Guishard , Michael Maurice Grayson, Tameek White and Patricia Fields Grayson, Fields, and White entered the dealership with the intent of driving away with a brand new $233,440  Mercedes sedan.

Defendants Grayson and Fields assumed the identity of two separate victims and used the victims’ social security numbers, forged United States Passport cards, and forged driver’s licenses to obtain financing in order to fraudulently purchase the high-end vehicle. Defendants Grayson and Fields forged the victims’ signatures on multiple applications and purchase documents.

In order to make the sale appear genuine, defendant White brought $9,900 dollars to the dealership as a down payment for the vehicle.

Defendant Guishard was the ring leader of the scheme. He remained in contact via cellular telephone with White about the progress of the sale and he e-mailed the insurance binder for the car to the salesman; the insurance and registration were in the name of one of the victims.

Upon learning that his co-defendants had successfully “purchased” the vehicle, Guishard arrived at the dealership, received the keys, and drove the high-end car off the lot.

The aim of this fraud was to re-sell the vehicles to individuals in other states. After being allegedly re-sold, the Mercedes was recovered in Texas.

The two victims of this identity theft fraud were a retired FBI agent from Ohio and a doctor from Florida. The investigation revealed that this ring carried out similar high-end vehicle identity theft scams in other parts of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Arizona, California, and Texas.

The foursome will be sentenced in September.






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