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New Rochelle 4th Grader Says Bullies Broke his Nose

Several media are reporting a fourth-grader at Trinity Elementary School in New Rochelle,  endured bullying  for months and last week suffered a serious facial injury.

Courtesy: LoHud

Maria Baez, a former New York City Council member, said her grandson, Brandonn Baez, was punched in the face by a classmate last Thursday, June 16. She said the attack left her grandson with a broken nose and loose teeth.

Brandonn has had to see several doctors and now wears a plastic guard on his face. He hasn’t been to school since the incident.

“They kept bullying me, calling me names, pushing me around,”  LoHud reports the child saisd. Brandonn said. “

The family says they reported the bullying to the school several times before the boy was punched, but Principal Roland Briceno said the first he’d heard about this was the day before the punching incident.


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February 8, 2012 10:31 PM

my daughter complained of being bullied last year, the day she told me about it I wrote a note to the teacher which was given to someone else in charge of these complaints (i assume) my daughter said that everyone involved in the the bullying incident was called in and spoken to and was told not to do it anymore, the bullying stopped right away~I am very surprised that this bullying case happened at Trinity.

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