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Need Moms’ Network In Rye Neck ?

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A mom in Rye Neck wants to hear from you:

Submitted by Bobbie Kovsky Willmore

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We moved here at the end of August and my boy is in 6th grade at Rye Neck. I have found it close to impossible to meet other Rye Neck moms.

Mamaroneck does not have a newcomers group but the one in Larchmont said Mamaroneck residents are welcome. I went to a coffee and was the only mom there without a baby/toddler.

Needing a social break from my family, at least once a month, I joined a Meetup group and started a book group. At the second gathering I ended up finally meeting a Rye Neck mom who lived 2 blocks away from me! I talked to her afterwards and found out that her daughter was in 8th grade and they had been here since kindergarten. So, it’s obvious that I am not the only one in the situation. I would LOVE to start a book group (would be happy to host too) and I already have two moms interested.

I also, noticed that there was no Rye Neck Moms page/group on Facebook (there was one for Rye, Larchmont and Harrison) so I started one.

Anyone interested? Leave a comment below.

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