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More Houses Under $600K Found in Southern Westchester

Larchmont: There are real estate bargains to be had

The Grey Lady’s piece today about Westchester real estate quotes local agent Jim Whittemore saying that, “until recently his agency had listed only ‘a sprinkling’ of houses under $600,000. ‘If there were three before, there are now eight,’ he said.

‘As the years have gone by since 2007, prices have steadily gone down. Now they’re stabilizing, interest rates are low and not surprisingly, buyers are jumping in with both feet.’

The example they use is a Dutch colonial built in 1923 with three bedrooms and one bath listed at $499,000. We found the house at 288 Weaver St. The price is the current “mid-range” in the area.

“The median sales price in Mamaroneck, of which Larchmont is a part, was $996,999 last year.” says the Times.

In Scarsdale, a couple scooped up a fixer-upper for $500,000.

Says the Times, “In recent months, similar scenarios have been playing out throughout Westchester in expensive towns and villages like Bedford, Armonk, Larchmont, Irvington and Pelham.”

All together in Westchester, 336 homes priced under $500,000 were in contract as of Dec. 31, up 39 percent from a year earlier.

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photo: Jacqueline Silberbush



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