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Larchmont Weighs 1 Teardown for 4 Homes

5 vandenburgh
Should four houses go here?

As we have reported, the developer that bought the property at 5 Vandenburgh Avenue in Larchmont, a home on . 52 acre near Turtle Park, has applied to replace the single house with four.

A recent teardown at 169 Rockingstone Avenue in Larchmont brought some heated discussion.

Neighbors and residents of Larchmont are encouraged  voice their thoughts and opinions at the upcoming Larchmont town Planning Board Meeting on Monday, November 10th at 8pm in Village Center behind the Larchmont Library.

The Agenda is posted.

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7 years ago

I am buying four homes for teardown to make a heliport. You will be getting the papers next week. Sign or I sue !

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