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Mobile App Monitors Westchester’s Rising Sea Levels


A mobile app developed by Columbia University scientists at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory lets you use your phone to check rising sea levels and to learn more about the impacts of climate change.

It’s called Polar Explorer: Sea Level and is available free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod from the education category in the App Store. Developed as a educational tool with maps, charts, text, and audio, it helps us understand the processes that control our shoreline and sea level changes now and in the past. Topics include regions, like coastal southern Westchester, that are vulnerable to past and future coastal flooding.

Internal Ocean Temperature

To use the app, you need to take a brief visual tutorial for new users that opens when you first touch the new user icon on the screen.

The following questions are among those addressed in the content: What is sea level? Why does sea level change? Where is sea level changing now? What about climate in the past?  What are future predictions along the U.S. coast? Who is vulnerable?

The Lamont Observatory, located just across the Hudson River from Westchester, is a tremendous resource on questions related to the science of climate change; in particular,  their Center for Climate and Life provides detailed research and public education on climate impacts and sustainable energy solutions.



Joyce Newman
Joyce Newman
Joyce H. Newman is an Emmy Award-winning environmental journalist, educator, and gardener. She holds a Certificate in Horticulture from The New York Botanical Garden, and is a tour guide there.
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