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UPDATED: Metro North Power Outage Strands Thousands

Lmont Train Station This AM 03.30.11


Update FROM MNR:

For the remainder of today, Wednesday, September 25, 2013, extremely limited train service using diesel locomotives on the New Haven Line will remain in effect between Stamford and Grand Central Terminal due to the loss of a 138 kilovolt Con Edison feeder that supplies electricity to the overhead lines that power the New Haven Line trains.

Hourly eastbound service is being provided from Grand Central Terminal (leaving ten minutes after every hour) and making all local stops to Stamford. Hourly westbound service is being provided from Stamford (leaving Stamford on the hour) and making all local stops to Grand Central Terminal. At Stamford, customers can connect with eastbound trains making all local stops to New Haven. Electric train service from New Haven (leaving approximately 14 minutes after every hour) to Stamford will continue to operate.

The service plan can accommodate 10% of the regular ridership on the New Haven Line. As a result, customers should seek alternate service and expect crowded conditions. New Haven Line tickets continue to be cross honored on the Harlem Line. Please listen for announcements at your station.

Con Edison is working at the scene to assess the extent of the damage and then determine the length of time to return power to the New Haven Line.

At this time, a train/bus shuttle service is being developed that would begin for the morning rush hour on Thursday, September 26, 2013. Further information will be provided later this afternoon on the website.

A  “high voltage feeder” circuit outage about 5:20 am near the Mount Vernon station sure is still (Wednesday 11:20 am) making the commute a pain for thousands of commuters into the City.

A spokeswoman for the railroad said that the power failure forced the railroad to switch from electric to diesel-powered trains between Stamford and Grand Central Terminal.

Updates can be found on MetroNorth’s Twitter feed, @MetroNorth.

Said one Larchmont man, “The lights flickered in our house at that time and the alarm actually was set off.    So whatever plug got pulled on the train line had some impact elsewhere, even though brief.”

Commuters at the Larchmont station reported, the signs at Larchmont station at 5:40 still showed the 5:42 as “on time” even as speakers were saying it was delayed, and Metro North Traintime for a time was showing all trains on time,  “and then after about 6:20 it showed the 6:02 as as delayed “20 minutes ” …but by this point we were starting to hear that all service from Stamford was suspended.”

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