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MeMe Brides: We will get you to the Church on Time!

LARCHMONT–  Attention!!–If you or a friend or relative were among those that found their Bridal Gowns, and other garments disappeared along with the sudden closing of MeMe and Michelina’s Bridal on Palmer Ave. in Larchmont…

update from Ann Taylor:

Get ready to say yes to your new dress!  Ann Taylor in Larchmont and theLoop are teaming up to make sure you have a picture perfect dress for the big day, whether you’re a bride, a bridesmaid or a wedding guest.

Ann Taylor will host an event Sunday 10/21 from 4-7, showcasing samples of its stunning wedding collection full of dresses and chic separates with sophisticated silhouettes, ethereal fabrics, and exquisite details. The head of design for the Weddings & Events collection, Michael Akers, will be available to help you choose your perfect fit, and will speak about the inspiration behind the gorgeous designs.

The prices may leave you breathless, as well – bridal gowns range from just $550 – $1,700, bridesmaid dresses from $150-$325 and bridal separates from $145-$350.  Wedding belles will be pampered with champagne and chocolates. There will be a 25% discount offered, as well as free shopping since the collection is online-only.

The Ann Taylor store in Larchmont and theLoop want to help.

Ann Taylor will host an event Sunday 10/21 from 4-7, and bring samples of its stunning wedding collection.
We will offer a discount (still being determined but looks like 30% or 25% with free shipping) to anyone left at the altar…and anyone in the community looking for a great event dress.

We will serve champagne and chocolates.

 Please rsvp to:



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October 16, 2012 9:43 AM

Yes, Ann Taylor is a business, they have their rent to pay, too. I think it is cool that they are doing this. Although they are a national chain, they are reacting to a local opportunity.

October 16, 2012 4:17 AM

Dear anonymous,
I am sorry that you, or any other reader, feels any kind of negativity towards what Ann Taylor is doing. I think this is a reflection of our world today in which people find it hard to assume “best intent”. Yes, are we viewing the situation with MeMe Bridal store as an opportunity – but an opportunity to help, celebrate, have fun and turn something unfortunate into something with possibility. Our Wedding/events collection is so beautiful and we are having 100 styles sent to the Larchmont store and having our head Designer for Wedding and our Merchant spend the day to help service this event. I really do hope you come by, even if it’s just to have a glass of champagne and I am sure you will feel and know our only intent is to create a moment in time for more women to know us as a brand and see all that we do and share a good time and yes, hopefully make some bride feel beautiful and confident in one of our dresses that we put our love and soul into. Really.

October 15, 2012 7:54 PM

As a marketing person myself, I have to say that I kind of cringed when I saw this, too. The intentions might be innocent enough, but the reality is that it comes off as opportunistic. It was made worse by ‘teasing’ victims by saying a few days ago that someone might have an answer for them and to stay tuned. This isn’t an answer, it’s just a private sale (and not even from someone people normally associate with weddings).

I certainly don’t think Ann Taylor owes anyone free dresses, though. They had nothing to do with it.

October 15, 2012 2:53 PM

Dear Ggggg,
i work in the Ann inc corporate office and live in Larchmont and love my job and my community. Just so you are aware, Ann Taylor is spending time and money for this event because we feel and hope it will benefit the community and to show we care for the women who were shut out by the bridal store. If you would take a few moments to go on our web site and read our section called “responsibly ann” you will see all of the amazing things we do as a corporation for the women and children who are truly in need. Ann inc is a company that truly cares about women and the larger community and acts with commitment and integrity in everything it does. I believe by hosting this event on Sunday, we are doing something unique and showing we care. we need more positivity in the world and not cynicism.

October 15, 2012 1:02 PM

How does 25% off help a poor bride that has already paid for a dress. Ann Taylor should offer to donate a dress. I’m sure they could afford to give away a few dresses to women in need. It would be great local publicity concidering these are local women that would shop in your store?

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