Mamaroneck Schools Retract Report of Possible Luring near High School


Once again, Mamaroneck Schools PR has to retract or correct a statement. The “Suspicious Incident/Possible Luring” Tuesday turned out to be a Lyft driver:

“Upon further investigation, it was determined that the suspicious male & vehicle in question was actually a Lyft driver looking for his fare. This Lyft diver was ordered by the parent of another student, but the driver was unable to locate her, and the fare was eventually cancelled. This incident appears to have been a misunderstanding.”

original email that went District-wide:

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At 2:53 pm, police say, a Mamaroneck High School student reported that while she was standing in the Starbuck’s parking lot near the school, a middle aged black male with a Jamaican accent asked her, “do you need a ride?” The student said no and ignored the man as he remained in the parking lot looking around angrily. The male was operating a Gray / Silver Mercedes Benz G25 with yellow New York plates. He then circled around the area and eventually drove away towards Larchmont on West Boston Post Rd.

3 thoughts on “Mamaroneck Schools Retract Report of Possible Luring near High School

  1. The School District has a myriad of sources of information to consider. Even the police did not make this public. It seemed very tenuous to begin with and unnecessarily alarming.

  2. FYI – the report and retraction came from the Mamaroneck Village Police. The district was just sharing the information to parents.

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