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Mamaroneck Village Gives Masks and Sanitizers to Support Neediest

Over 1000 bottles of hand sanitizer were given to those most in need.


Mayor Tom Murphy of the Village of Mamaroneck writes about a concerning local development in the Covid-19 crisis:

When the data on who was infected was first shared with the Village the cases seemed to be spread evenly throughout the whole community. That is no longer the case. The new cases are heavily focused on folks who live in apartments in the most economically stressed areas of our community. This phenomenon that has also been mirrored nationally.

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These are our neighbors who are living in cramped quarters and have to go out to work every day. They work delivering groceries and take-out food. They are staffing our supermarkets, cutting our grass etc. They can’t work from home. They don’t have the resources to take time off. Like many folks today they live paycheck to paycheck. But make no mistake their exertions have enabled so many of us to safely shelter in place.

I believe that we can take positive actions as a community to try and help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Mamaroneck and thereby help our neighbors.

Recently the Village has worked with the folks who are doing the food give aways to get hand sanitizer and face masks to those who need it most. We gave away 750 face masks last week.

This week we supplied over 1000 bottles of hand sanitizer that will be given to those most in need. I have been begging, borrowing and cajoling all the hand sanitizer I can get from New York State, Westchester and our friends in the Towns of Mamaroneck and Rye. We will put it to good purpose!

I believe that we have an obligation as a community to help those who need a hand in this emergency. It is the right thing to do and it is good public health policy.

When this is all over (it will eventually end) we are going to owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of those who did their everyday jobs when doing those jobs put them at great risk. We can repay them by creating a more equitable society where all honest work has its proper value.  We will also be indebted to the incredible women and men at the food give aways who have developed an efficient food supply chain to help folks through this crisis.

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