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Mamaroneck Town Talks Crime Prevention

Det.Sgt. Matthew Mehlrose talks to residents about recent crime in TOM

A lot of crime prevention comes down to common sense.

It’s safer to walk in groups then alone. A home alarm that rings inside and out is a better deterrent then the quieter kinds that don’t offend the neighbors. And don’t bother hiding keys under those fake rocks and other gadgets you see in ads.

“The bad guys watch TV too,” said Mamaroneck Town Police Det. Sgt. Matthew Mehlrose.

That was the Town of Mamaroneck Police Department’s message to the 30 or so neighbors who congregated Wednesday night at the VFW on Boston Post Road for a crime prevention workshop.

Rattled by the recent rash of crimes in the area, neighbors wanted to know the best ways to stay safe.

Town leaders reassured said that the Town of Mamaroneck is indeed a safe community; it has not been affected by the recent surge in home burglaries the way neighboring Larchmont has.

In fact, the number of burglaries and robberies in Town has dropped since 2010.

But the brazen armed robbery in January of a man walking home from the Larchmont train station – possibly linked to similar crimes in Pelham and Eastchester – and multiple car break-ins on Friday, show that no one is immune.

All it takes is two to three minutes for burglars to get what they want out of a home, police said. Leaving house and car doors unlocked makes it all the easier.

As Det. Donn Emonds said, “We understand that you should be able to leave your stuff in your car and it should stay untouched.  But realistically, it doesn’t work.”


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February 11, 2012 2:41 AM

The presentation is available on the town’s website.

Diana Marszalek
February 10, 2012 6:35 PM

Also, there was no one there from LMC TV taping the workshop. The Detectives, though, were very open to questions and calls and would probably happily respond to your questions

Diana Marszalek
February 9, 2012 5:37 PM

The Police Department handed out an 11-page package with all kinds of crime prevention tips — you can probably get one at the police station or by calling the detective division at 381-6100.

The detectives said a lot — both about prevention and that they are on the job and on call 24/7 and stressed residents should call them even if it’s just for that odd noise etc.

One point I thought was interesting but (oops) left out of the story was the importance of using your landline vs. your cell phone to call 911 when you are at home. If you call via your landline, the call goes straight to your local police department; a 911 call made on a cell phone goes first to the state police and then has to be transferred to the local police, so there is a lag time.

On a similar note, silent alarm systems also cause a lag time in police response because when one goes off some sort of alarm company central command, versus police, are notified first. It’s only once the alarm service determines that there is, in fact, an emergency that police respond. That’s why the detectives recommend an audible alarm that rings inside and out (even if the neighbors don’t like it). When one of those goes off loud and clear, anyone trying to get into your home won’t likely hang around long enough to steal your stuff.

February 9, 2012 1:16 PM

What did the PD say they were doing about controlling the current situation?

February 9, 2012 11:25 AM

Can you post copies here of any information that may have been distributed at the meeting for the use of those residents who did not attend?

Will a recording of the meeting be available on LMC-TV?

Thank you.

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