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Mamaroneck Schools Sued for Bias Against Company

Murray stairs, August, 2014, when work stopped.
Murray stairs, August, 2014, when work stopped.


It has already been a tough week for the Mamaroneck Public Schools.

Tuesday, Hommocks Middle School cancelled after school activities, in an abundance of caution, after a Seventh Grade boy showed staff graffiti of a bomb in a boys’ bathroom.

Today, LoHud reports that the on-going eyesore that used to be the steps of Murray Avenue Elementary School in Larchmont is now the subject of a bias suit.

Muslim-owned construction company was discriminated against when the Mamaroneck school district stopped the project mid-stream.

“A-1 Construction & Renovation, based in Brooklyn and owned by Rana Usmani, a Pakistani native, was hired by the school district in June to complete a $561,736 reconstruction project at the Murray Avenue School in Larchmont. The project included renovating exterior stairs and creating window-well structures,” the report says.

“A district employee, George McNally, who served as the project manager, created an “adversarial working environment” for Usmani and the company’s Pakistani employees “who are of the Muslim faith,” according to the $20 million federal lawsuit. ”

Late Wednesday the District issued a statement, concluding, “While we understand everyone has a right to their “day in court”, it is unfortunate that A-1 has chosen to make sensationalist claims with respect to a matter that is in reality a breach of contract case. The District finds these claims to be baseless and without merit and intends to vigorously defend the District’s interests in the appropriate forum, the Courts.”

Schools Superintendent Robert Shaps told The Journal News the termination was due to “non-performance.”  That step was taken by Shaps, Assistant Superintendent Meryl Rubinstein and Board of Education President Ann Lobue, based solely on McNally’s account and with no investigation, the suit claims, says the report.




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February 12, 2015 12:20 PM

Cannot possibly be the school district . They are never at fault – their standardized response .

February 12, 2015 9:06 AM

It seems like every project that begins in Larchmont is “not being completed in a diligent, efficient, timely, workmanlike, skillful and careful manner.” – an excerpt from the Mamaroneck School System letter to residents. Wonder who’s really at fault here…

February 11, 2015 9:51 PM

Our tax dollars being well spent !

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