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Mamaroneck, Rye Neck Schools Beef Up Security

Murray Avenue is one of the Elementary Schools that closing access from but one door during the school day

The Mamaroneck School District will implement steps to improve safety and security at the six schools following the tragic shootings in Newtown.  The Rye Neck School District has adopted similar measures.

At a well-attended “Public Conversation on Safety” at Mamaroneck High School Wednesday night, School Superintendent Robert Shaps outlined some specifics:

  • Access to all elementary schools and the middle school will be limited to one entrance only.  The high school will continue with its Post and Palmer Rd. entrances.  All other doors will remain locked throughout the day.  As a result, arrival and dismissal procedures are being examined.
  • Visiting procedures are being changed.  All visitors must bring a photo ID and sign in/leave their ID with the greeter at the main entrance.  Visitors must have a pre-arranged meeting with someone at the school, and their names will be required in advance by the person they are meeting with.  Phones are being installed at the front desks.
  • All staff members will be required to wear ID badges at all times on school grounds.

In Rye Neck, plans are not as detailed but meetings are on going.

In addition, Shaps says more steps are being considered, including electronic door lock/buzz-in systems with video camera and intercom for main access doors.   (Currently, the high school is equipped with video cameras),  visitor scanning capabilities,
and panic buttons with a direct line to the police, among them.

” Some attendees suggested that we hire armed security officers and have metal detectors in our schools,” Shaps writes in a letter to parents,  “however, these are not recommendations we plan to make to the Board at this time.”


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January 3, 2013 1:17 PM

Deputy Neil Gardner was a 15-year veteran of the Jefferson County, Colo., Sheriff’s Office and was assigned as an armed, uniformed officer at Columbine High School. 15 people were killed, 23 more wounded.

December 24, 2012 12:19 PM

Yes quite a tempting idea. To have made it work at Sandy Hook how many windows would the armed guard be standing next to. Or within how much time would he (or she) have located the classroom in which shooting was taking place and intervened succesfully. Does this lead us to an answer which says one guard per classroom or some permutation thereof ?

December 21, 2012 11:57 AM

I really wouldnt call these extra steps “beefing up security” when considering the circumstances of any of these horrific mass shooting tragedies. The only way to assure safety or at least minimize threats is to have an armed policeman/woman on school grounds. Panic buttons, phones, surveillance equipment are very nice things to have…all things that the Sandy Hook school spent tons of money on. But sadly, the fact remains that until armed response can get to the scene, these security features do nothing to stop or even slow down a perpetrator armed with automatic assault weaponry. What would have been the result at Sandy Hook if instead of spending multiple thousands (millions?) on the “buzz-in” doors … they had hired an extra armed policeperson to maintain vigilance? I am in no way an advocate of weaponry but a police official carrying a weapon is not a threatening figure – quite the opposite. and would give the kids much more of a secure sense than buzz in doors that are made of glass and easily give way to gunfire. I have to say that even after the tragedy, I feel that “it would NEVER happen here”. But thats how they all felt in Sandy Hook too. and i am disappointed that the only real solutions are the ones NOT being even considered. am I missing something?

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