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Mamaroneck School Board to Address “Incidents and Protocols” Tuesday Night

Nearly a week after the first of three “alleged student threats” to Hommocks Middle School, Mamaroneck Schools Superintendent Robert Shaps sent an email to parents saying he will “address these incidents and our district’s protocols at the Board of Education meeting (Tuesday) night.”

This comes after calls for transparency about the alleged threats from members of the community.

Full story here.

Parents received robo calls and texts about the threats that many say left more questions than answers.  Jurisdictions in New York State and across the country generally prohibit access to publicly identifying juvenile offenders, but other details to potentially help parents make informed choices cannot legally be restricted.

Calls and emails from theLoop and other TV and print reporters to the public information staffer at the school district over the last few days remain unreturned.

Shaps writes, “…there are times when we can only provide limited information based upon law enforcement guidance or legal concerns, or are challenged to communicate in a timely way based upon insufficiency of information. That is an ongoing concern for me, as it likely is for parents and staff, and something we must reflect upon and address….we will review (this summer) the context of our existing communication protocols and practices with an eye toward ensuring that we are always communicating in a balanced, transparent, and timely manner.”

In Monday’s note, the District officially revealed details about the incidents over the last week:

  1. Last Tuesday afternoon, building administrators were informed that a middle school student threatened to harm students. As will always be the case, we immediately contacted police, who began an investigation. During the investigation, the student in question was not at Hommocks and was being supervised at all times. On Wednesday, in response to articulated concerns, we communicated to parents that there was no threat to safety and that students and staff were safe. 
  2. Last Friday, police were contacted and a lockout was issued and communicated to parents as a precautionary measure after a parent and student relayed to us that threats were made against students by a student who was not attending school.  The lockout ended after police advised us that there was no active or credible threat to students and staff. 
  3. Today, in an incident relayed to us overnight, police notified us that a former middle school student ─ not living in or near the district ─ had made a social media threat to harm students. As police took immediate action to investigate and advised us that there was no active or credible threat to students and staff. 

The Mamaroneck School Board meeting will take place tonight, June 18, from 7-9 pm at the tiered classroom at Mamaroneck High School.

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