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Mamaroneck High School Murals Now Saved for Future Display

An historic mural at Mamaroneck High School is rolled up for preservation

The Mamaroneck Historical Society says all of the historic murals at Mamaroneck High School have been saved. theLoop first reported on the School District’s plans to destroy them because of construction of a new Design Lab, then its decision work with the Historical Society to save them, back in January.

Seven of the eight are now safely stored in Mamaroneck. One of the murals, Mimi Jennewein’s “European Journeys and Influences 1826-1833,” was not removed. It will be remain behind the new walls being constructed for the design lab at the school for future restoration.

 The mural removal team, ACA Environmental Services, Inc., “invented special rigs to work in tight spaces. They figured out what worked for removal of each mural depending on the wall surface and the strength of the adhesive,” according to the Mamaroneck Historical Society website.

“The 81-year-old glue used to adhere the canvas to the walls was like cement. The removal team… (was) carefully scraping the glue, inch by inch, to release the murals.”

After removal, the murals were rolled on giant “sonotubes” to  prevent damage.

The seven murals that were successfully removed will require a range of restoration after 81 years on the wall.

Donations from a GoFundMe effort have gone to the removal effort. Any funds leftover will go towards next steps-restoration and installation in the community.

For details and photos on removal effort go to

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