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‘Lockdown’ Incident has Peaceful Ending

Police and SWAT vehicle block off Rockland Avenue near Woodbine Ave., scene of incident that caused a lockdown at Mamaroneck High School Monday.

The man who had barricaded himself inside his Mamaroneck home after a fight with his wife, causing a lockdown at Mamaroneck High School for several hours during the day, surrendered himself to Village Police and a County SWAT Team at 6:16 pm Monday.

No weapons were recovered.

The day-long drama began about 10:45 am Monday when Village Police  received a call from a woman saying that her husband had locked himself inside their house at 813 Woodbine Avenue, about a block from the Palmer wing of  Mamaroneck High School, and on a block where many older students park their cars.

The wife told police her husband might have a rifle, according to Detective Sandra DiRuzza. That’s when the County Public Safety Dept. became involved, and a lockdown was imposed both for MHS and local residents.

813 Woodbine Avenue, a white, two-story house, is visible from Palmer Avenue, behind a Mobil station near the corner of Rockland Ave.  Woodbine Avenue is just one block long and connects  Rockland Avenue to Fulton Road.

Police say no weapons were recovered, and the man was transported to Westchester Medical Center for evaluation. At this time, no charges are being filed.

Students at Mamaroneck High School were allowed to leave the building from the Boston Post Road exits at about 3:00 pm. The school was in lockdown from approximately 11:30 am to 3:00 pm.

All after school activities and sports, including away games, were cancelled.

MHS students said most of them heard of the situation from other students, before teachers were informed.

One Senior says he noticed the school doors were blocked so that no one would exit, and later an announcement about the lockdown was made.  He said an Assistant Principal came to classrooms to explain to students that they were not to leave the building.

Member of County SWAT team, with automatic weapon, near MH













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May 20, 2011 11:24 AM

It is too bad that it took a major (unnecessary, wasteful..?) police action to give we Carpenter Place residents one day without the “speedway effect” that is a daily event at 8:00am and 2:30pm. Parents and students alike drive on this short street as though it were a racetrack. Remarkably, there is NEVER a Village police presence on this street, even when it could generate lots of revenue from speeding violations and simultaneously teach these kids and their parents that driving safety is not a discretionary
concept. Park on Carpenter place any weekday morning or afternoon and you will see driving behavior that will amaze you.

May 19, 2011 6:54 AM

It says in your report that no weapon was ever found. Was there ever a weapon? Did the wife really report a weapon? How did this simple domestic dispute become a full-fledged hostage situation that locked down 2 schools, inconvenienced thousands of people, and cost tens of thousands of dollars in police response resources? All because one woman may have reported a weapon involved? Let’s ask Detective Sandra DiRuzza a few more questions.
editor: thanks Big Mouth- Believe me, we tried. The Detective would tell us only “the public safety was paramount…”

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