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Mamaroneck High Enrolls Student Denied School


An interim order from the state is requiring the Mamaroneck Union Free School District to enroll a 16-year-old immigrant student in high school.

Mamaroneck school officials had denied him admission to the high school because, they said, he had already graduated from the highest level of school available in Guatemala.

The student, who is from Guatemala, is now enrolled at Mamaroneck High School, and is awaiting a final determination from the state.

He was living in New Rochelle and attending the high school there, after having immigrated from Guatemala. He and his family moved into the Mamaroneck school district and applied for to Mamaroneck High School.

In a statement,  the Mamaroneck school district said,

We respect the Commissioner’s decision to grant the Stay and will await the appeals process and final determination, which we realize could take several months. We continue to believe strongly that all children have the right to a public education. However, we recognize that in accordance with the Commissioner of Education’s Regulations, we are expected to make determinations of eligibility that may serve to exclude some students from enrolling in our school system.
In this particular case, the District had determined that the student (based on review of his transcripts and the educational system in his country of origin) had already received the equivalent of a high school education. We support the purpose of the Commissioner’s appeal process as the appropriate means to help school districts make final determinations regarding a particular student’s eligibility.


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June 3, 2016 6:26 PM

Who is trained and experienced to read and compare courses from both countries. Why would he have enrolled if he had graduated? Why would MHS deny enrollment untill all facts were discovered and reviewed for accuracy. This sounds like discrimination and if administrators lied and were not honest they must be brought up on charges.

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