Developer Says Luxury Condo Coming to Downtown Larchmont


Rye -based developer Elk Homes says it will build a 26-unit luxury condominium residence on Chatsworth Avenue, in the heart of  the Village of Larchmont.

Centro Larchmont would occupy the site of vacant retail spaces, formerly a food market and flower shop, which are slated for demolition.

Elk says the 26-unit development, to be built at 112 Chatsworth Avenue and 65 Wendt Avenue will include 23 market rate and 3 affordable condominium residences ranging in size from 900 square feet to 3,500 square feet. Centro Larchmont will feature an elegant lobby entrance and will include 5,000 square feet of modern retail space along Chatsworth Avenue.

Information about when construction will begin was not available.The project will include redevelopment of the current Village parking lot on the north side of Wendt Avenue, which will become a two-story parking structure.  Elk Homes says it will also provide and maintain a new ten-foot wide accessible pedestrian walkway from the parking lot to Chatsworth Avenue.

22 thoughts on “Developer Says Luxury Condo Coming to Downtown Larchmont

  1. It should be troubling to everyone in the town that this could be “approved” without any input from the community. Why do we need more luxury housing when the huge development over by 95 is half empty? This building is way too big. I am all for keeping the town vibrant, but this doesn’t seem like the answer.

  2. Chatsworth Avenue School is already over crowed with no more space to expand. Where will the children of these new units go to school ? Are you going to pack more in Chatsworth and add to class size . Do I understand the teachers have not received a cost of living raise to match inflation in years but we will give them more children!
    Are there any public meetings about this ? When and where ?

  3. This is great, it will make downtown Larchmont nicer. Hopefully with more people living there we will be more likely to get a small grocery store, somewhere where it’s easy to buy something on the way home from the train. It’s only 26 units and they’re adding parking, so I don’t see any downside except for the construction annoyances.

  4. This looks fabulous.I am all for it. Wonder what the prices will be?
    I have worked in Larchmont for 40 years and I owned Excessorize for 25 years. This will be a welcoming addition to the town

  5. One of the main reasons people don’t shop often in the Village is due to lack of parking. Ask any former store owner and they cite that as the major reason businesses fail. People (I for one) get sick of circling and circling, looking for spaces, so I just keep driving and get whatever I needed elsewhere, like the internet. Thank you to the developer for agreeing to build much needed parking. It will go a long way to help the entire business area.

    Also, studies have shown that empty nesters want to stay in their communities but don’t want the headaches of maintaining a home. It will be nice to have an additional option to keep people from fleeing our wonderful community.

  6. The plan is for a two story parking structure where the lot is behind red mango. Also pls remember there is always a lengthy process with these projects and things can change and morph.

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