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LoopBook Club: In Stitches

Mamaroneck reader Julie Salicrup’s latest selection:



In Stitches – Dr. Anthony Youn

In Stitches is one man’s journey to and through medical school.  Growing up Korean-American in Michigan with a physician father didn’t give the author much choice in his career path.  This novel is Tony’s odyssey through his years in medical school, residency and choosing a specialty.

Tony finds out early on that he’s not the smartest or most popular under-grad and has a difficult time adjusting to life as a student.  Thinking medical school was going to change all that was Tony’s first mistake.

The next years of his life are filled with an extremely difficult curriculum, scary professors and the even scarier dating scene.  Once Tony finds his groove, and some lifelong friends, the author miraculously finds humor in the pressure he gets from his conservative Korean parents and the demands of school.

But the novel has some serious moments as well.  The case that changes Tony’s life and decides his field of medicine is heart wrenching.  The interactions he has with his father are funny, sweet and somewhat awkward.

If you’re looking for a light read, something humorous or deciding whether or not to attend medical school – read this book.

Below is the list of Loop Book Club books thus far. Next book in two weeks.


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Bobbie Kovsky Willmore
Bobbie Kovsky Willmore
May 6, 2015 10:25 AM

Hi Julie, we moved here at the end of August and my boy is in 6th grade at Rye Neck. I have found it close to impossible to meet other Rye Neck moms. I would LOVE to start a book group and I already have two moms interested. How do I get the word out? I, also, noticed that there was no Rye Neck Moms page/group on Facebook (there was one for Rye, Larchmont and Harrison) so I started one.

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