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Town of Mamaroneck

5/29/2013, Grand Larceny- 4th

A brown wallet, social security card, birth certificate, picture I.D., Banco Popular ATM card, $1500, bank check ($500), and P.R. driver’s license were stolen from a garage/shed located on 808 Weaver Street.

Village of Mamaroneck

5/31/2013, Burglary- Residential

Complainant stated unknown person entered his garage and took a set of golf clubs. The approximate value of the golf clubs was $1500


6/3/2013, Burglary

Complainant reports an unknown male entered their occupied home on 6/3/2013 at approximately at 3am and removed cash from a desk drawer. The homeowner noticed the missing cash and checked outdoor video cameras which confirmed burglary located on Highland Road.




Town of Mamaroneck

5/20/2013, Petit Larceny

A lawn mower ($130) was stolen at a residence located on  Lafayette Road between May 6th and May 11th.


5/21/2013, Grand Larceny 4th

A 2011 Hyundai Sonata was stolen on the corner of Palmer and Carleon Avenue between 11pm May 21st and 3pm May 22nd.


5/22/2013, Criminal Possession- Forged Instrument

A counterfeit check in the amount of $1200 and a NYS ID were presented by a female customer at Chase Manhattan Bank located on 1350 Boston Post Road. The female was arrested immediately.


5/22/2013, Petit Larceny

A bike ($600) was stolen between 8am-2:50pm on May 22nd located on Hommocks Road.


5/22/2013, Identity Theft 3rd

A Chase ATM Bank Card was used to make a $110 purchase at a storage facility in Chicago. The victim was notified by Chase Bank of the unusual purchase.


5/23/2013, Grand Larceny 4th

Red max string trimmers ($2000) and pack blowers were stolen from a trailer located on 635 5th Avenue.


5/23/2013, Petit Larceny

Ray Ban sunglasses ($300) and rolls of quarters ($20) were stolen from a 2011 Honda Pilot parked in a residential driveway located on 71 Briarcliff Road between 8:30 pm on May 22nd and 7:30am on May 23rd.


5/23/2013, Petit Larceny

A Magellan GPS ($130) was stolen from a parked Chrysler Jeep in a residential driveway located on 21 Orchard Road between 9pm on May 22nd and 8am on May 23rd.


5/23/2013, Grand Larceny 4th

A Magellan GPS ($550) and a yellow sequined shirt ($800) was stolen from a vehicle located on 24 Crescent Road between 8pm on May 22nd and 8:30am on May 23rd.


5/23/2013, Petit Larceny

At Stop & Shop located 1326 Boston Post Road, $200 was stolen from the cash dispenser.


5/23/2013, Petit Larceny/ Fraud

There was a fraudulent copy made of a check in the amount of $774. 29 located on 740 Boston Post Road.

5/26/13, Grand Larceny 4th

A Virginia and German driver’s license were stolen from a missing wallet from a female purse located at 2 Cottage Circle.


Village of Mamaroneck


5/20/2013, Larceny

Complainant reports unknown person broke window of his van and took a leaf blower ($850) inside of his 2003 Chevrolet between May 18th and May 20th.


5/23/2013, Fraud

Complainant reports unknown person made charges on her debit card without permission. Approximate charges were $1800.


5/23/2013, Burglary- Residential

Complainant reports unknown person entered his residence located on Oakhurst Road and took his wallet off kitchen counter. The wallet contained several credit cards and $150 cash.


5/24/2013, Larceny

Unknown person took construction tools from a trailer at his location located on East Plaza Avenue. The tools included two saws, welder, and drills bits. The approximate value of the tools was $2100.




5/21/13, Forgery

Reports counterfeit $20 bill at Longford’s Ice Cream Shop. The customer apparently passed a counterfeit $20 bill, the counterfeit bill was discovered when store staff made a bank deposit.



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