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Larchmont’s Madison Kitchen Brings On ‘Small Plates’

DiBona serves Butternut Squash Soup Cups
DiBona serves Butternut Squash Soup Cups


What makes a chef start to throw plates of food into the dumpster?

“That’s what I was doing,” says Nick DiBona, “I just knew I wanted a change.”

Not that the food at DiBona’s Madison Kitchen needed improvement, but, say Nick and his partner (and Mom) Lisa DiBona, it was time to change things up,, since opening her in 2013, and they let the food lead the way…to small plates.

“Most of the most interesting foods on our menu were the appetizers,” said Lisa at a recent tasting of the new Tapas style menu.

“Now a glass of wine goes a lot farther with an explosion of different flavors,” adds the Chef.

madison kitchen

You can start off with Butternut Squash Soup served in Sake cups, then order delicious Eggplant Meatballs, or Polenta Fries. Or both. Move on to hand made Truffle Gnocchi , Peking Duck Tostadas or Chicken and Waffle Skewers, a small plate version of an MK staple. And leave room for the Burder Sliders with cheddar cheese and bacon onion jam on a pretzel bun (pictured.) There are a total of 30 small plates to choose from.

Dessert is one of 13 flavors of Bona Bona Ice cream (also available to take out by the pint.) Try the Backyard Mint Chip, made, says Nick, “with a pound of mint packed into each small batch.”

madison kitchen

He says some of his loyal customers were skeptical, but he is sure they’ll be won over. “It’s a lot more variety and a lot more fun.”

Madison Kitchen 7 Madison Avenue, Larchmont. 914.732-3024


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