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Larchmont Safe-Snatching Foiled by Neighbors

It was dark along Concord Avenue between Chatsworth and Turtle Park on January 2nd about 6:30 in the evening.

The Larchmont residents spotted would-be safe snatchers in their next-door neighbor’s yard and shouted out in alarm.

The two shadowy figures, dressed in hoodies and wearing masks, fled into the darkness as the call went in to 9-1-1.  Lt. Juan Sanchez of the Larchmont Police Department tells The Loop arriving officers found a rear door at the home unlocked, a widow damaged and a heavy residential safe lifted from its usual location and being readied for removal from the home.

“They apparently underestimated its weight,” he said. It’s unclear how the thieves gained entrance to the house.

Lt. Sanchez says LPD officers were on the scene within moments of being being called but the burglars were nowhere to be found.

“We wish they would’ve called us first,” he said but police understand the shock of seeing a neighbor’s home being violated.  He says detectives from the Village PD are working to find suspects in the case.

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