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Larchmont Police Blotter

A priest is scammed, a doorbell video alerts vacationing resident of car break-ins.

In addition to the incidents below, there were many calls to police reporting the illegal use of gas leaf blowers in the Village.

03/16/2022 – A visiting priest at St. Augustine’s church stated he received a call from a person named “Sergio,” who claimed to work with Capital One. Sergio told the priest his account had been breached and that he needed to go to his bank, withdraw $10,000 in cash, and buy different sets of gift cards at CVS. When the man was unable to find the specific gift cards at CVS, he contacted his bank, which stated (the obvious) that this was a scam. The bank account in question was closed and re-opened elsewhere.

3/15/2022 – A resident away on vacation called police to report she was alerted by the motion sensor in her home and saw two males rummaging through the cars in her driveway. When police arrived, the canvassed the area and retrieved spare keys to the cars within the victim’s home per her direction. The home was secured and the vehicles locked. Police are investigating the doorbell video.



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Can't walk on water but I run on air.
Can't walk on water but I run on air.
March 29, 2022 12:51 PM

Although I have moved away from Larchmont, for health reasons, I still write riddles and rhymes about my everyday life there. Larchmont has prospered since I departed. With time it will get even better.

Larchmont is a nice place to visit and live. Kudos to Larchmont. I’ll always have fond memories of people, places, and things in Larchmont.

I lived with 10000 females, 10 thousand males, 500 dogs, and sixty cats. 6 dozen eateries, 3 dozen stores, 5 cafes, and a dozen or so barbers and hair salons-Jonathan Billet

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